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1.    Introduction

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PKV games

2.     online games addictive in nature to the children and adults

A.      The first and foremost thing that children should play only for a stipulated time in online card games because it might affect the children studies if they play for us together and also they will get addicted to the online card games

B.      Whenever they went to the online card games there has to choose a best website to play in, if you are looking for that then which is not only safe to play and it is a reliable website

C.      Even though it is 24 hours available the parents should allow their children only for a stipulated time to play just for recreation purposes, they should not keep it as main thing leaving studies behind, in such cases it might affect his studies

D.     So the teacher also has to be very careful about the progress of the children if they are not doing well then they have to inform their parents, and parents should have an eye on their children

E.      When coming to adults the people who are with addictive  habits are generally get addicted to these games also, in such cases there has to be taken care of by others at home